Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I send in my application?

You will receive an application decision between the 9th and the 20th of March, 2024.
The program then starts on the 25th of March, 2024.

What is the program schedule? Any important dates?

We start the program with an introduction on the 16th of October. The first week is introductions and mentorship with investors, experts and exited founders. We then have 10 workshops lined up during a 5-week period: 2 workshops per week of 1h each. Towards the end, we have another week with mentorship and we finally end the program in a Demo Day - pitching event in front of investors.

Can I re-apply if I did not get in to the last cohort?

Absolutely! Just because you did not get into the last cohort does not mean you were not eligible. We have limited seats and try to diversify what companies we bring in. So next time you apply, you might be more suitable for the cohort!

How do we select candidates and how many are selected?

Our criterias can be read on https://www.timetoraise.co/startup. We also look at what startups our VC partners are looking for. We select in total 10 startups per cohort.

Does every founder have to be female  to join?

No, but we want to see a diverse team with at least one female founder.

Can I contact you?

Yes, if you have any questions, please email info@timetoraise.co.