Introducing +Investors

A community helping women raise Fund I

Investors need help raising capital, too. By adding first time managers to our fundraising focus, we can create exponentially better outcomes for the entire venture ecosystem. 

Our vision

Exponentially better outcomes. 

Our vision is to incubate 1,000 venture capital funds that can invest in 100,000 world-changing companies.

As a first step, we're launching Time to Raise +Investors, a community of LPs, VCs and emerging managers with the resources and guidance to launch a first fund.  


Support from peers at the same stage and seasoned venture leaders who are one step ahead


Introductions to interested LPs and advice on approaching goverment programs


Standard operating procedures, templates, and best practices to save time, reduce risk, and meet ESG requirements


It starts with community

Traditional investors sometimes challenge us by asking how many women really want to start their own funds. Let's show them a strong community of women doing exactly that.

+Investors is the community dedicated to  emerging female managers across Europe. Join to receive:

Invitations to live and online events with venture thought leaders from all over Europe

Playbooks and templates based on high-performing, impactful venture operations

Purposeful connections to advisors and mentors


Our roadmap to 1,000 funds

Building a community of emerging managers is just step one. Next, we’re working with partners to create a best-in-class VC accelerator that will help leading women from around Europe raise their first fund. Then we're launching Europe’s first fund-of-funds devoted to backing female managers. 

"Women VCs make 2x the number of investments in women entrepreneurs than men do and more often than not, financially outperform other managers. The time is now for LPs to meet with more female managers."

The right connections make all the difference

If you’re an angel or startup executive exploring the onramps to VC, or a VC professional looking to launch your first fund, this is your community.

If you’ve started raising or have simply considered it, our network can accelerate your path to Fund I. Meet other emerging VC managers as well as seasoned GPs and venture-savvy LPs from around Europe who are passionate about seeing more women start their venture journey.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to help:

“If I had more capital to invest, I would spend more time investing. To me, investing is the most sustainable way to get joy from helping startups: I prioritize economic returns, which allows me to get more joy from supporting more startups.”

Anita Olsrud

“After years as an angel, I’m raising my first fund. The US-based VC-programme I did was helpful in getting me to this point. That said, Europe needs a Europe-based community with a Euopean focus. The regulations here are significantly different. So are the capital sources & approaches."

saloni Bhojwani

“I find this project interesting and important. I’ve made some good angel investments so far, but in order to keep going, I either need to raise more capital or exit my winners. This initiative will help me set aside time to raise.”

Ulrika Holm

“We need to close funding gap for women and founders of color. Let’s build a community of female led GPs and founders to make this happen! ”

Lizanne Atherly Allocator, Zurich

Our promise to you

Raising Fund I will still be hard. But as a community, we can catalyze one another's fundraising process and stay motivated.

No Strings Attached

No costs and no obligations--what you put in is what you get out.

High ROI for Time Sessions

Curated events and educational materials + the ability to help us create curriculum.

Selective Community

Carefully screened peers and mentors committed to the mission.

Intros that Convert

Full visibility and connections to investors and limited partners.


Building a world-class network
makes everything else easier

Create connections that help you kickstart your VC journey and maximize the impact of your investments.

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