Why we exist

VC investing shapes the future. It gives life to new innovation and creates financial freedom. Yet even in progressive geographies like the Nordics, female founders bring in less than 10% of invested capital, according to a 2021 report from Unconventional Ventures. Further upstream, the BVCA reports that less than 15% of VC decision makers are women.

We believe that women have as much right to shape society's technological future as they do its biological one. To this end, we created an ecosystem focused on helping female founders and funders raise capital.

Time to Raise - one on one mentorship with VCs and startup founders
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Our progress

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We aim to expand the venture capital market by helping women build great companies.

To date, the startups in our +Startup track have in total raised €8,5 million from VCs in our network.

1.000 funds

We’re on a mission to empower women across the entire stack of the fundraising ecosystem. This means getting capital to female fund managers, too. Our goal is to incubate 1.000 venture capital funds that can invest in 100.000 world-changing companies.

About Us

The People and Builders

Peggy is the founder of Time to Raise. Prior to that, she led Microsoft for Startups in the Nordics.

Vincent is the co-founder of Invenio Growth and Time to Raise +Investors. Prior to that, he worked for a Stockholm based venture firm and as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Mei is the co-founder of Time to Raise +Investors and the former CEO of Startup Sweden. She is an alumna of Oxford University, Harvard Business School MBA and McKinsey & Company.