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Accelerating women led startups to investment

A program to empower women with full focus on fundraising is finally here awaiting you, women start-up leaders reshaping the landscape.


Whether you are raising capital now or later, we will prepare and help you build the right connections with key investors as a valuable support in your long-term startup journey!

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As a City and as a Woman’s place we continue to see that traditional funding vehicles have failed female entrepreneurs. Things need to change.

Women receive less than 2,5% of all venture capital and we are proud to be part of a journey in that through supporting the Time to raise initiative”

Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm

About the Program

This 8-week long program is specifically tailored for women led founders who want to catalyze their fundraising process



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Startup Selection

Selection of cohort by core partners. 


Each startup gets designated mentors in their fundraising process and trained to be fully prepared in investor meetings

Sharpen the fundraising

Learn funding tips & tricks from leading experts. Get invited to events and network.

Connection with investors

Startups get connected with our investor partners and get to know them

Our program is an 8-week long equity free program aiming to guide you and maximize the likelihood of raising capital for your startup.

Once you join, you will get mentorship from highly experienced entrepreneurs and investors training you in your fundraising process.

Additionally, we provide you expert fundraising sessions from our partners. Together with our guidance and your hard work, you will be connected to the Nordic's top investors eager to invest in the brightest women out there.

Throughout the program, you will meet and get to know the people that are valuable in your long term startup journey.

Questions? Email us at


Top level mentors

We have chosen the most well connected and established people in the startup ecosystem to guide you in your funding process.

Some of our mentors are:


Pär Norberg
Partner, Head of Investor Relations 


Lena Apler
Founder CEO and Angel Investor


Tatiana Shalalvand
Investment Director

Tove Larsson
General Partner


What you will get out of Time to Raise

This 8-week long program is specifically tailored for female-led founders who want to catalyze their fundraising process


Equity free participation in an elite program

Well selected sessions that will be handy in your fundraising process

Dedicated mentors who will guide you to create the perfect pitch

Full visibility and connections to investors 

Note: We guarantee support throughout your fundraising process but we cannot guarantee any actual investment in your company.

Questions? Email us at

Eligibility Criteria


Incorporated in one of the Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland


Diverse team with female founder(s) as well as relevant background and skills to succeed


Tech enabled business model & with a focus on the SDGs


Product is launched with signed clients or LOIs and you are seeking Seed capital or above. Global ambitions

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Hear what our founders have to say

"Great sessions with investors, entreprenurs and coaches. It has helped us rethink our growth strategy and what type of investors to look for."

"Amazing program that guided us through our second investment round. We especially enjoyed one-to-one sessions with industry leaders, their input means a lot for us."

"TTR has been a great opportunity to connect with and learn from investors as well as fellow founders. In the process, the investability of Low-Fi has become much clearer and we feel ready to truly build the next big thing in live music!"


"I highly recommend TTR - so many investors have reached out saying they heard about us from this program. The team also are fantastic humans :)"