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Accelerator program focused on fundraising for women-led companies

Because investing in women is a smart thing to do.

Time to Raise is an accelerator program that helps founders learn more about fundraising and make connections with investors

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To get more women into entrepreneurship, we need more role models to lead by example. By providing entrepreneurial education, company-building resources, and access to capital to women-led startups, we can incease the chances of them succeeding and become role models for future generations.


What previous participating entrepreneurs have said about the program

When we had completed the Time to Raise startup program, we felt much more confident in our fundraising journey! During the program, we went through different areas such as pitching, business models, and other fundraising topics. It has been super valuable going through all the fundamentals guided by strong people in the startup ecosystem. Without Time to Raise, we would have not been where we are at today! We got exposed to and connected to many investors, and we ended up closing our funding round with one of their Venture Capital connections!

Sandra & Amelie

No Ordinary Scent

I have been part of a few accelerators, and I just want to give the biggest KUDOS to Mikaela Larsell Ayesa who put together and ran the Time to Raise program this year!! I was blown away by the quality of the chosen founders, by the partners you were able to bring onboard and investors that attended the Demo Day!


Your Beet

Grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a dynamic and supportive community. The Time to Raise program has been a game-changer for us at Subscriby, and myself personally, underscoring the need for more platforms fostering diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship! The network of founders, companies, VCs and industry experts that introduced t has been invaluable. These connections and the extended support have played a huge role in shaping our journey.



So cool to be in a space with so many talented and inspired entrepreneurs! ⭐ Demo Day was a highlight in our journey with Time to Raise, a night filled with inspiring pitches and visionary partners. No one mentioned, no one forgotten. It was amazing to meet all the fantastic people who were there.



As founders we are usually lacking time to do things, so we become very selective in how and to whom we give our time. I have to confess that I had no expectations for this program, but the discussions I had and the network in here has positively surprised me. I truly believe that Time to Raise is beneficial if one wants a broad knowledge that help you take decisions in your company and build a good strategy to make it grow. I was really happy for the invitation and very motivated with the 1on1s, workshops, partners, and of course the great founders! 🚀 Thank you!!



Thank you Time to Raise for a great program!Happy to have met so many interesting and ambitious people. Especially all talented entrepreneurs.


Mentor in the program

Fantastic cohort, learnt so much from the program, participants and speakers during the autumn! Mikaela Larsell Ayesa great job getting everything together and your support to everyone..!


Manager at Mimbly

Really proud to be part of this amazing network with other fantastic female founders, inspiring mentors and supportive partners. Thank youfor the excellent work to organise everything.


Moi Panda


Making it possible

Mikaela Larsell Ayesa
Executive Program Director

Lisa Gunnarsson
Student Coordinator & Project Manager
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