Published on Oct. 14, 2022

Presenting the innovative and brilliant women-led startups of Time to Raise Cohort 3

It's time to announce the new cohort of brilliant women-led tech companies eager to meet investors and accelerate their fundraising journey!

Twelve startups from across the Nordics have been chosen to take part in the +Startups program. As part of the program, founders will meet mentors and speakers from the Nordic investment community. The goal of the program is to sharpen fundraising skills and expand investor networks of promising Nordic startups led by women.

We are honored to collaborate with Invest Stockholm and the city of Stockholm for this cohort of the +Startups program. Led by mayor Anna König Jerlmyr, Stockholm aims to be A Woman's Place, and we are proud to welcome startups from across the Nordics to Stockholm on the program's demo day in December.

Many of the startups previously enrolled in the program have successfully raised capital through Time to Raise network. In addition to acting as a gateway to the investment community, the +Startups program serves as a network hub for female founders. During autumn, the founders will meet with leading VC’s and have 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Time to Raise is proud to work this fall with investors from VEQ, Zenith Venture Capital, Ananda Ventures, Wellstreet, Den Sociale Kapitalfond, First Fellow Partners and Backing Minds.

It's time to raise!

Meet the new startups in the Time to Raise+ Startups program:

Alba Health
COUNTRY: Denmark
Alba Health analyzes gut microbiome in the family, helping parents take action to reduce health concerns such as asthma, obesity, diabetes, allergies and auto-immunity for their toddlers. An easy-to-use stool test kit is given to the parents, and the results are sent to a lab where they are examined for microbiome imbalances.

COUNTRY: Denmark
Boardplace helps the board of directors conduct their day-to-day job through streamlining planning, executing and following-up on the management and board work with the use of new, intelligent technology.  Their intuitive and innovative toolbox for managing small and medium business management and board work makes the board of directors shine when conducting their annual general meeting.

Gigapay allows instant salary pay-outs, with all taxes and insurances covered without having to hire a person directly. The platform facilitates instant salary payouts while taking care of gig worker taxes, insurances and pensions, on behalf of scaling platforms and marketplaces.

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon creates and develops regenerative sanitation solutions using tried-and-true, effective technology. Their toilets turn the excrement into nutrients for plants, without using any water in the process. Their goal is to produce the most hygienic and fresh dry toilets for homeowners wanting stunning bathrooms.

COUNTRY: Finland
Kausal is a greenhouse gas emissions SaaS tool for cities to calculate and visualize  the emissions with the help of an interactive scenario modeling tool. By making the data visible, the impact of emissions can be processed faster when decision-making, to help choose an optimal combination of measures for the city’s climate plan.

Konvoj is an AI-driven scheduling optimization platform for the health care and long-term care sectors. The modern digital tool based on mathematical optimization is used for solving the scheduling puzzle, making it adapted to the needs of the health care sector as a whole, for both employees, users and relatives needs.

Lendwill is a blockchain lending service for anyone 21 years old and above needing a lending hand in times of financial insecurity. Their app turns human-to-human lending and borrowing interactions into credit history, making personal lending interactions verifiable and more trustworthy.

Meela matches women to their best fit therapist, delivering personalized therapy and therefore improving clinical outcomes. By developing a research-based algorithm, both therapists and clients get their best fit. Meela is currently operating in Sweden with over 300 licensed psychotherapists and psychologists connected to the platform.

Nordic Brain Tech
Nordic Brain Tech helps people predict and prevent brain disorders such as migraines through scientifically proven easy-to-use technology. Making the patient's own home the point of care, Nordic Brain Tech enables doctors and users to treat their migraines remotely without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Nuverica has digitalized the process that food companies do to understand what nutrition and health claims they can make. The platform helps food companies make full use of the regulations while also providing guidance and advice in the gray areas.

SCALINQ helps universities and companies scale up quantum computers by developing hardware solutions ("motherboards"). These novel hardware solutions simplify the advancements of quantum computers, solving the inevitable problems that appear when scaling quantum bits in a superconducting processor through high density components.

COUNTRY: Finland
Tezted Ltd is transforming the way infectious diseases are diagnosed with a focus on tick-borne diseases, Lyme disease and Covid-19. TICKPLEX by Tezted Ltd offers a 90% cost saving option for the patients, decreasing the rate of misdiagnosed and undiagnosed cases while increasing the health-related quality of life for tick-borne disease patients.