Published on April 27th 2022

Startups selected for Time to Raise +Startups program Spring Cohort 2022

10 promising startup companies led by women in the Nordics

In March 2022, applications opened for the second cohort of Time to Raise +Startups program. 10 promising startup companies in the Nordics led by women have now been selected to participate in the eight-week program with full focus on fundraising. 

The initiative is followed by the great success of the first cohort in Autumn 2021, and this time receiving over 150 applications from Nordic women-led startups.

The program curriculum has been created together with some of the most well-connected venture firms, family offices and legal partners in the Nordics: Luminar Ventures, Northzone,, Zenith Group, Haflo, PreSeed Ventures, DLA Piper, VNTRS, Dreamcraft Ventures, VEQ, Inventure, and SEB (Venture Capital).
The founders will be guided in different fundraising topics and get connected to investors throughout the program to maximize their chances in raising capital for their startups.

Here below is the complete list of the 10 Nordic startup companies that have been selected for Time to Raise +Startups:

EVERY - A marketplace for sharing space for retail. EVERY connects brands to space to display IRL and promote and sell digitally and phygitally while using data to optimise performance. EVERY brings new revenue streams for businesses which share their space.

DORA - A SaaS dispatching platform for hauliers and freight forwarders with a fleet of up to 50 trucks. The role of the dispatcher is crucial in reducing CO2 emissions from road freight and alleviating congestion on European roads. DORA's mission is to digitize the most time-consuming tasks for dispatchers and further enable them to make data-driven decisions in regards to optimizing their capacity utilization and collaborate more effectively.

Nudgd - Offers a SaaS platform using behavioral science to establish climate friendly habits

Boksnok - A Swedish tech company that awakes the children's desire to read in a digital world. With captivating stories and innovative technology, our kids' books app creates a more enjoyable reading experience and inspires a life as a reader. Together with the best publishers, authors and creators, Boksnok offers unlimited access to a magical world with thousands of engaging titles, from new hits to old classics.

Imagilabs - At imagiLabs, we empower girls to unlock the tech industry's full potential and reimagine the future. We do this through inspiring young girls to become creators with products that span across the physical and digital.

Navari Surgical - Revolutionizing keyhole cancer surgery with augmented reality

Kliently - A digital platform where everyone at any time and location, with access to a smartphone, can easily find and consult a lawyer. We are leveling the playing field of a very fragmented market by making access to legal help accessible, affordable, available in multiple languages at any time and place. We democratize access to legal help.

Stack by me - An investment platform for beginners with access to a social network and simple courses on investments. Through making investing more like SoMe, we will engage women and capture a market worth EUR 40bn.

Bumpy - A digital platform that helps individuals going through fertility treatments easily review and find clinics and fertility providers. The taboo around infertility leads to fragmented information and difficulties in finding the right fertility providers best suited for your personal needs. As the infertility journey can be long and hard, the Bumpy platform also provides a community where users can connect with others who are going through similar experiences, feelings and processes.

Varannan Vecka - The Varannan Vecka-app helps separated parents to prevent and solve conflicts. For the sake of their children.